EU 국가 내 IT Manager 초빙

by 편집부 posted Aug 28, 2018


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EU 국가 내  IT Manager 초빙

 한국 대형 ICT 계열사에서 EU 국가 내 신규 사업 시작을 위해 인재 채용을 진행합니다.

모집부문: IT Manager

제출서류: 영문 이력서 / 자기소개서 


접수기간: ~9/24(월) 

근무지: EU 국가 내

회사명: 국내 대형 ICT 계열사

※접수기간은 한국시간 기준이며, 먼저 접수된 서류부터 순서대로 검토하여 
  서류 전형 합격자에게 별도로 연락드릴 예정입니다. 

※근무지와 회사명은 서류 전형에 통과하신 분들에 한해 공개할 예정입니다.


- Work closely with engineering teams in Korea to define roadmap and undertake R&D projects

- Help develop and maintain cryptocurrency exchange platform

- Research and document best practices and act as a bridge between teams in Korea and in Luxembourg

- Ensure whether the IT security framework complies with local regulation and group guidelines

- Complete IT audit trail and share the progress with teams in Korea 

- Monitor the operating system on daily basis and make a report periodically   

- Manage and maintain general infrastructures of the office including network, IT assets, printers, projectors, 
  and video conference systems

- Perform other duties on ad hoc basis



- Have at least 3+ years of experiences as an IT manager

- Experience in IT related field is preferred (ideally from a crypto / digital currency background)

- Have a deep understanding of blockchain products

- Have a solid and quick-learning technical ability and be familiar with underlying technical principals  

- Strong problem-solving skills and demonstrated ability to take initiative and work independently

- A Bachelor’s degree (or above) in Computer Science is preferred

- Must be fluent in English 
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